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Sandviken Pure Power ‒ the platform that creates sustainability

Through collaboration, the business community, academia and the public sector have shown that it is possible to make society more sustainable through the Sandviken Pure Power platform. Sandviken acts as a showroom where we demonstrate that it works, for real.

Sandbacka Science Park coordinates Sandviken Pure Power, which is both a communications platform and a network. Sandviken Pure Power and Sandbacka Science Park function as a facilitator by showcasing good examples, engaging, building trust, participating and promoting commercialization.

In Sandviken, there are now practical examples of what can be done to create a fossil-free society. There is a hydrogen gas station, which was the first in Sweden outside metropolitan areas. There are nearly 300 public charging stations for electric cars, and the municipality’s goods are distributed with vehicles run on fossil-free fuels.


In addition, Microsoft chose to establish itself in Sandviken to capitalize on the availability of renewable electricity.

This helps make Sandviken an attractive place to live and work. It attracts expertise and helps to develop the region’s companies to become more sustainable.


Together we can bring about a more sustainable society.

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Watch the Sandviken Pure Power film.

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